Hi! I'm Virginie Ferguson, founder and director of Clan Wellness.

Here at Clan Wellness, we believe that everyone deserves to show up as their best version of themselves and be able to take on life's challenges with confidence.

We want to help you master your emotions, lift the clouds from your head, and feel healthier by building mental and emotional resilience.

With us, there is no judgment. We all come with our own experience package that has shaped how our nervous system has adapted to keep us safe and alive.

Our lives have evolved far quicker than nature has had time to catch up, and our nervous system is no longer adapted to the fast-paced, demanding lives we live today.

This is why Resilience For Modern Life exists.

I wasn't always the content woman I am now.

Throughout my life, I had bouts of anxiety, insomnia and even depression when I was 19 years young.

It’s through my own experience, as a stressed-out and overwhelmed mum of two, working full-time as a project manager in the life science industry, that I went searching for ways to help.

Today, as a certified yoga teacher and HeartMath coach, having left the corporate world behind, I blend ancient wisdom with modern science to create a safe and open environment, so that others can become the resilient, healthy, and happy person that they’ve always wanted to be with techniques proven to work.

This is why we offer a holistic, no-nonsense and pragmatic approach that is backed by evidence-based science.

Around 79% of British adult experience work related stress, and 41% feel it everyday.

This means there is a huge opportunity to make things better for your employees and leaders.

With the Resilience For Modern Life’s approach, we can break down the stigmas of mental and emotional health in the workplace, and replace them with a supportive and caring work culture driven by compassionate leadership.

Supporting employees and leadership team will not only yield more success for your organisation, it will impact them positively in all other areas of their lives too.

Our promise is that employees will be healthier and happier, fostering creativity, better communication, and amplifying engagement and performance to fuel business growth and retain talent.

What Clients Have Said

“The program is taught well- gently, almost with love. The guidance is spot on. I loved the group atmosphere and the sharing from participants- we all have different lives. I wish all work environments offered this more regularly- it has changed the way I am working and thinking.”

Aquila S.

“I have been able to reduce my stress and anxiety massively, because I know I can choose to and now have the skills to implement and create that change. This in turn has changed how I exist in the world and around others. Instead of being a ball of fire (at times), now I am a glowing light!”

Stephanie E.

“The biggest breakthrough was being able to acknowledge my anxiety and accept it, and move on without dwelling on it. I have become non-judgemental of how my mind and body react to stressful situations. Thank you very much- this course has transformed how I think and feel about myself and my anxiety.”

Gemma M.

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