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Teams and Employees

For better engagement and performance

to fuel business growth and retain talent

Only 10% of UK employees are engaged

And 38% experience daily stress according to a study by Gallup "State of the global workplace 2023".

This leads to staggering costs to businesses due absenteeism, presenteeism, loss of productivity and staff turnover.
And with work being the number 1 cause of stress, before finances, family and health stress, it is now critical for businesses and leaders to put employee wellbeing at the forefront of their investment strategy.

Proactively supporting their workforce to better manage their mental, emotional and physical health, and build a resilient workforce.




Richard Branson

Find out how I can help your organisation

What if you could

with a small investment in employee wellbeing dramatically increase your organisation's profitability and growth?

Multiply staff productivity by x 2.5

Increase employee engagement by 10%

Reduce staff turnover by 14%

Employee Wellbeing

Stress-management and resilience-building programmes, courses and workshops for happier teams

Leadership Training

Educating managers and leaders, and developing leadership skills for higher engagement and retention

Wellbeing At Work Is An Investment Strategy To Nurture Your Employees and Furture-Proof Your Business

Proactively empower your team members with skills and techniques for managing their own stress and anxiety, overwhelm, and avoid burnout and depression.

Help them build resilience so they're ready in the face of any personal and professional challenge.

Boost creativity, problem solving and amplify performance as they explore their full potential.

Equip your leaders and managers with tools to support their teams and promote a nurturing work environment.

“The program is taught well- gently, almost with love. The guidance is spot on. I loved the group atmosphere and the sharing from participants- we all have different lives. I wish all work environments offered this more regularly- it has changed the way I am working and thinking.”

Aquila S, National Physical Laboratory

“I have been able to reduce my stress and anxiety massively, because I know I can choose to and now have the skills to implement and create that change. This in turn has changed how I exist in the world and around others. Instead of being a ball of fire (at times), now I am a glowing light!”

Stephanie E, ThermoFisher Scientific

“As part of our Women In Leadership initiatives, we invited Virginie as a guest speaker to talk about how to understand stress.
As busy professional women, often we forget about our own mental health and wellbeing, and with Virginie, we learned how to understand stress better and the impact it can have on not just the mind and but the body too. She provided necessary tools to for us to use on a daily basis and key things to remember."

Jaspreet K-N, Merck group

For every £1 a business invests in mental health initiatives, they will see an average of £5 returned*

*Deloite "Mental health and employers - Refreshing the case for investment"

January 2020

Global research shows that organisations that invest in mental and emotional wellbeing initiatives see:


While mental and emotional health have been pushed to the forefront in many people's awareness, there are still stigmas attached to them, and a clear lack of education at all levels around how stress, anxiety and trauma manifest in the workplace.

Many employees end up having to take time off work, seek out therapy or are put on performance improvement plans who don't need to be.

With a sound, holistic and science-based approach to stress and anxiety, we can shift mindsets and create company cultures that are inclusive, supportive and compassion-based, to foster creativity, engagement, performance, and retain talent.

Workshops, Talks and Coaching

Are you looking for a way to support your employees with stress and anxiety management?

To engage them in proactively looking after their wellbeing, and empower them to boost their confidence, creativity and performance?

We offer a wide range of services ready to be tailored to your organisation's needs.

Leadership Resilience Training

Break down the stigmas of mental and emotional health to create an energised team and retain talent with our Engagement & Retention Amplifier workshop through a more compassionate leadership approach.

Designed for leaders and managers.

Online or on-site.

Online Courses

The online courses are the do-it-in-your-own-time version of workshops and programmes.

These could also be tailored to your organisations requirements and needs.


Our services are meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs, goals, and budget through a collaborative co-creation process.

We believe prioritising your active involvement and open communication throughout the development of our services is key to ensure alignment with your requirements.

Through our co-creation approach, we work closely with you, gaining deep insights into your aspirations, constraints, and desired outcomes. Your valuable input is sought at every stage, allowing us to customize our services to precisely address your challenges and meet your objectives.

We encourage your feedback, suggestions, and ideas, valuing your perspective as we shape the final outcome together so that we can create a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs, goals, and budget.

Need a practical condensed brochure of our current and customisable services?

Download the pdf to refer back to here!

An Unique Blend of

Ancient Wisdom

and Modern Science

I designed the Resilience For Modern Life framework so that all aspects of the human being can work in harmony for a complete shift in one's life.

  • Neurobiology
    Using the way the brainworks to your advantage!

  • Applied Yoga

    Releasing embodied stress and accessing the nervous system to promote relaxation.

  • Heart Coherence
    Leveraging the heart's hormonal and neurological powers over the body and brain.

  • Breathwork
    The easiest and quickest way to hack your nervous system to serve you!

  • Meditation
    To rewire neuropatterns that drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  • Self-Enquiry
    To build awareness, recognise patterns and habits, process thoughts and emotions, and empower you to change!

I am PASSIONATE about what I do.

I've been there, in the corporate world, feeling all the stress and overwhelm as I juggled my career and being a parent.

And I see it, in so many companies: the efforts made to support employees wellbeing, the willingness to adapt to retain current talent and attract the next generation...

But there's still a fundamental lack of understanding and education around the topics of mental and emotional health.

Let me help you join the dots with a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach supported by evidence-based science.

Virginie Ferguson

Certified HeartMath™ Coach

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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