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Life coaching and online courses to take back control of your emotions and mind, and live your life to its full potential!

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Support employees' mental and emotional wellbeing to build engaged teams, retain talent and amplify profitability!

"You already have all it takes.

You just need a little guidance."

Virginie Ferguson

RESILIENCE is having the capacity and flexibility to face life's challenges.

It's not about being strong or unswayed by what's coming at us.

Even a concrete wall eventually wears down.

Being resilient is about building and protecting our own inner source of energy, and having adaptability to return to a state of balance when faced by a challenge.





Online courses

For individuals, employees, managers and leaders alike

One-to-One coaching

Life coaching with the support and accountability you need

Employee wellbeing

Programmes, courses and workshops for happier teams

Leadership training

Develop leaders for higher engagement and retention

Why Resilience For

Modern Life?

Humans have evolved far quicker than nature has had time to catch up, and our nervous system is no longer adapted to the fast-paced, demanding lives we live today.
The first step towards better mental, emotional, spiritual and overall physical health is learning tools and techniques that slot into our lives, without adding to our to-do list!

Holistic approach to wellbeing and health

Build capacity and flexibility to face challenges

Tools and techniques adapted to modern life

Personalised strategies that work FOR YOU

Supported by evidence-based science

Hi, I'm Virginie

I guide others to master their emotions, lift the clouds of their head and feel healthier so they can be confident that they're showing up as the best version of themselves at home and work.

I help them protect their energy and build mental and emotional resilience to be ready for anything that life may throw at them, and truly OWN THEIR LIFE!

Life Coaching

For Stress And Anxiety

What Clients Have Said

“The program is taught well- gently, almost with love. The guidance is spot on.

loved the group atmosphere and the sharing from participants- we all have different lives.

I wish all work environments offered this more regularly- it has changed the way I am working and thinking.”

Aquila S.

“I have been able to reduce my stress and anxiety massively, because I know I can choose to and now have the skills to implement and create that change.

This in turn has changed how I exist in the world and around others. Instead of being a ball of fire (at times), now I am a glowing light!”

Stephanie E.

“The biggest breakthrough was being able to acknowledge my anxiety and accept it, and move on without dwelling on it.

I have become non-judgemental of how my mind and body react to stressful situations.

Thank you very much- this course has transformed how I think and feel about myself and my anxiety.”

Gemma M.

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An Unique Blend of

Ancient Wisdom

and Modern Science

My MindHeartBody framework is designed so that all aspects of you, as a human being, can work in harmony for a complete shift in your life!

  • Neurobiology
    Using the way the brainworks to your advantage!

  • Applied Yoga

    Releasing embodied stress and accessing the nervous system to promote relaxation.

  • Heart Coherence
    Leveraging the heart's hormonal and neurological powers over the body and brain.

  • Breathwork
    The easiest and quickest way to hack your nervous system to serve you!

  • Meditation
    To rewire neuropatterns that drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  • Self-Enquiry
    To build awareness, recognise patterns and habits, process thoughts and emotions, and empower you to change!

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