What Makes My Training Different?

What Makes My Training Different?

September 22, 20236 min read

Have you ever felt disregarded by your doctor when you tried to explain your symptoms might be stress-related? Or, perhaps you keep trying to “talk yourself” into feeling calmer and happier, with no success?

If you’re wondering how to decrease stress but are finding no concrete answers for making a change, you should know that there is another way.

I designed the Resilience For Modern Life framework so that all aspects of the human being can work in harmony for a complete shift in one's life. Making my resilience training a unique and effective blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.

I think that Mother Nature gave us all we need. I believe we can dramatically improve our health and wellbeing, decrease stress and build resilience in a holistic, natural way. 

I have witnessed transformation over and over again but my training is more than just what you may perceive as “woo-woo.” My training is specifically science based to bring about changes in the brain and body.

I'm a certified yoga teacher (Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga & 300h YTT) and certified HeartMath™ coach and spend a lot of time reading and studying, continuously educating and developing myself.

And this is how I’ve come up with a one-of-a-kind framework that blends ancient wisdom with modern science.
Because 1- ancient practices have been around for THOUSANDS of years for a reason: they work. And 2- today’s science proves why!

Everything I teach and use in my coaching and training is backed by evidence-based science. 🧬

Not convinced yet? Here are the key factors of what I include that make my healing process different and the scientifically proven ways to decrease stress.


My curiosity in the field of neurobiology has helped me to formulate a framework that teaches you how to use your brain to your advantage. 

Neurons are the basic building blocks of the nervous system and when you know how neurons communicate with one another, you can learn how to regulate your nervous system, calm overthinking thoughts and condition your mind into creating the reality that you desire.

Not only that, but understanding that your brain is a prediction-making and habit-creating machine gives you a clear advantage when it comes to letting go of habits that don’t serve you and create new ones to change your reality.

Applied Yoga

The yoga I teach within my course and programme is different from just regular yoga classes you can access online or may be attending.

I use yoga as a somatic tool to access the nervous system. I teach specific yoga poses and yoga practices that are designed to release embodied stress, regulate the nervous system and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

Yoga is one of the best natural stress management techniques and when practiced with knowledge and intention, and with consistency can dramatically decrease stress and anxiety.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a complete novice in the yoga space, these practices can be applied to anybody’s life.

Heart Coherence

Heart coherence leverages the heart's hormonal and neurological powers over the body and brain, to balance and renew from within all the systems of our body and mind. It’s a practice of becoming greater than your mind, connecting to your emotions and body.

Heart coherence meditation and heart coherence breathing are foundational practices included in my training to reduce overwhelm in your life and become in control of your emotions. 

Cultivating heart coherence in your body has a huge list of benefits, that I've covered in my blog post "The life-changing effects of heart coherence and how to practice it" you can read here. From creating a deeper connection with your yourself and those who matter in your life, improved employee relationships or simply having the ability to be kinder to and  prioritise yourself more… without the guilt.

The Resilience For Modern Life Framework

Resilience For Modern Life Framework


The easiest and quickest way to hack your nervous system so that it serves you, is to understand and practice breathwork! 

“Breathwork for anxiety” is a popular term online right now and when done correctly breathwork can help you to take control of your breath and lower your heart rate as well as enhancing concentration and clarity of your thoughts.

Breathwork techniques focus on specific breathing patterns for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There are several different types of breathwork meditations, each with its own set of benefits. 

Breathwork meditation practices that I teach work to activate the side of your nervous system you need to in a given situation. Whether it’s needing to get away from the freeze response or triggering the body's relaxation response, reduce stress hormones like cortisol and promote a sense of calm in the body.

By learning these tools, you can regulate your nervous system and prevent stress, inflammation and anxiety from being stored in the body and leading to health conditions.


If you haven’t already heard of the incredible meditation benefits… well, where have you been?! From meditation for anxiety, meditation for sleep and guided meditation practices, this healing practice has taken the online and mobile world by storm and with good reason. 

The meditation sessions that I provide are more than just your average ten minute meditation video or audio; instead, the sessions are specifically designed to rework and rewire neuropatterns through yoga nidra. They are designed to offer solace and peace, and reprogram your brain to create the life that you want to lead and the thoughts you want to think.

Self Awareness

The art of building self awareness allows you to recognise patterns and habits, process thoughts and emotions, and empower your brain to change!

Throughout each of the above techniques, you’ll be invited into a world of self discovery. The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, leading to greater self-acceptance and personal growth. This is a lifelong process but when given the tools, you can easily recognise behaviours and patterns that both serve you and take from you.

You’re encouraged throughout my course and programme to reflect, using your workbook as support and/or your journal. When coaching you, you’ll be using specific prompts to work on what has been holding your back and move forward.

The first step towards better mental, emotional, spiritual and overall physical health is learning tools and techniques that slot into our lives, without adding to our to-do list!

My unique 90-day programme is designed to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, and master your emotions and mind to unlock resilience and finally be back to the best version of yourself!

It's available as an online course to work through at your own pace, a group online course for accountability and support, and a personalised one-to-one coaching programme!

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